Pediatric Physiotherapy

When your child has difficulties with movement, it can be very difficult on both the child and their families. At Expert Physio we provide the support you need. We assess and treat children with developmental, neurological and growth-related conditions, helping them get more out of life and develop independence throughout their childhood and into adolescence.

Working through fun and play, our expert consultants identify abnormalities in growth, posture, alignment and development, and design therapeutic programs aimed at reaching specific milestones such as rolling, crawling and walking. Our treatment plans are individualized to the unique needs of your child and Family, and may vary from hands-on treatment to advice, education, exercise prescription and consultation.

At Expert Physio we support and empower you and your child at home, school and in the community, engaging and motivating your child through play-based treatments.

If your child is experiencing problems, pain or gross motor challenges related to injury, growth and/or development, contact Expert Physio today!



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